Difference and Importance of Cleaning and Disinfection

One of the best ways to prevent spreading illnesses such as coronavirus and to keep healthy is through hand washing. However, what about the items in our houses that we usually touch on a daily basis? Take note that surfaces can carry germs as well, and such germs tend to thrive and remain on them for a long time. Hence, it’s vital to disinfect and clean your homes regularly. Keep on reading to know more about the places where you need to be disinfecting and cleaning. But first, let us begin with determining the difference between house cleaning Oakland and disinfection:  


Disinfecting vs. Cleaning  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines cleaning as eliminating impurities, dirt, and germs from surfaces with water and soap. Cleaning doesn’t kill germs. Rather, it minimizes the number of germs that are thriving on a surface.   

On the other hand, disinfecting involves utilizing chemicals like EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill bacteria found on any surface. Disinfecting along does not really remove germs on a surface or clean a surface.   

In terms of making sure that a surface is free of bacteria, the best method for that is to start cleaning it and then follow it by disinfecting. Initially, you have to clean to eliminate germs and dirt. Then, you need to utilize disinfecting chemicals to kill the bacteria that stayed on the surface.   

What CDC highly recommends to household owners is to make sure that their surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected if you want to stop any type of bacteria or viruses like coronavirus from spreading.   

Which surfaces in your home do you need to concentrate on?  

The household surfaces that you must disinfect and clean in your house are those that you mostly touched every day and those that are placed in common areas. Such surfaces include:  

  • Touch screens  
  • Toilets  
  • Tablets  
  • Tables  
  • Sinks  
  • Remote controls  
  • Phones  
  • Light switches  
  • Keyboards  
  • Handles  
  • Doorknobs  
  • Desks  
  • Countertops  
  • Chairs with backs  

Guide to do that:  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest everyone wear disposable gloves every time you decide to clean or disinfect anything in your house. Using water and soap, you can begin by cleaning high-touch surfaces. Then, follow it up with disinfectant wipes or spray. You can resort to using an alcohol solution with 70 percent alcohol at least, a solution of diluted bleach or an EPA registered disinfectant. Keep in mind to know the instructions found on the product’s label and follow it to use the product safely and effectively.   

How to make a solution of a bleach disinfectant at home:  

  • Combine 4 tsp. of bleach every ¼ of water and mix it well.  
  • Apply this bleach solution on the surface that you want to disinfect for at least 1 minute.   
  • After you have cleaned and disinfected a surface, guarantee to wash your hands immediately after you’ve thoroughly removed your gloves.   

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